Saturday, May 24, 2003
( Wow, a blog entry. What's that? )Oo.
Okay, so here it is folks. Another one of those crazy jenny blog entries. And it's brought to you in part by NICHOLE!!! Happy, Nichole? Wheeee~~~

Time for: Super Mad Quick Update That Makes Big Events Into Insignicant Sentences In One Blog Entry! Okay, people, I don't have all day here to tell you all about my fucking life. Yes, this past year I got bitchier.. which *surprise!* is a good thing, because it means I turn down all those stupid losers that think they have a chance at Jenny easier. Maybe it's also partly because I talk to Chango quite often and he has arosen the angry side of Jenny!

But that just means I'm also cooler. I have no qualms about stealing hotel signs. It's trendy now because I made it so.

Oh yeah, where's that Update thingie. Acen - Happened this past weekend, and it was busy busy. It was NOT alcohol free, mind you. Jenny had some happy drinks.

Europe!!! Yes, that's right folks. In just less than two weeks I will be packing my bags and going with my mom to France, where I meet up with my sister and we do the France thing. Then we head over to England, do Scotland, and before we leave back for the US, we get to go to London and meet with Mu, my British friend who is Chinese born.. mmm asian boy with british accent...

And in other news.. there are new people working at Sportmart which makes a Jenny very happy that she is on her way out. This one guy in Team Sports who's like fuckin 35 or something kept throwing me winks and gestures. WTH?? He thinks he has a chance?? Oh give me a BREAK.. (break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!) That guy is disgusting and I hope he's crying himself to sleep cuz I was a bitch to him. The End.

~ yasha rars, and gives love barfs to nichole @ 01:46 a.m.

Saturday, March 29, 2003
( new haircut! )Oo.
Yes, that's right, ladies and gentlemen. I did get a new haircut. (Actually, come to think of it, this is the 2nd haircut I've gotten since I last updated... sorry -_-;;) But no, I must tell you about this haircut. I went to this new salon that's across the street from my mom's office, cuz she said they were good. So I call and make an appointment... and I get one at 2:15 with Chad. Let me tell you about Chad.. when I met him the first thing I noticed was that he was wearing womens shoes. Yup, as gay as it gets... but you have to admit, those gay guys know how to cut hair. He styled it much cooler than I'd ever be able to do. =P So what I did was find my sister's webcam and took some pictures last night:

One, Two, Three, Four... Wow, it's been a while since my hair's looked that good.

I made a new layout for my sister's blog to go along with the whole studying abroad in france thing. Check it out. Oh yeah, and I'm leaving for spring break vacation tomorrow... or should I say today. Going to San Fran first, and then I head down to socal... it's going to be so much fun!!! Perhaps I should blog about it when I get back.. =P

~ yasha packs for her trip to cali @ 02:43 a.m.

Friday, November 15, 2002
( LaLaLa... time for quizzes n schtuff )Oo.

How the fuck did I get "Holding Hands"? Baah, I dunno.. it's kind of a stupid quiz because I really do act different, depending on the person, or the arrangement. Speaking of arrangements, I might get set up in one with this hugeass womanizer. I met him at some new years party last year, and he never ended up callin' me. The guy who held the party is gonna have it again, maybe I'll get some this year. =P

I am one of Gackt's eternal Dears! "You are a step above the normal Dears--to put it bluntly, you're nuts about Gackt and probably always will be. You own all of his official stuff, have almost all of his photobooks and magazines, you probably have been to at least one of his concerts (or have at least seen him in person). You're broke because of Gackt but you don't care... you would give Gackt your left arm if he asked."
What kind of Gackt fan are you?
quiz by mcvarmazi

Noo... I'm a devoted Gackt fan?? Well I mean, come on, I'm not that bad. =P I haven't gone to Japan for him yet. Plan on it, but not yet, yo. Kat is going to a Gackt concert... so lucky!! I'm jealous. Tomorrow I do a half-day homestay at this Japanese lady's house.. she's friends with my Japanese teacher... in her 30's but doesn't look/act like it. She thinks it's hilarious that I love gackt. Gotta bring my Mars DVD.

~ yasha ish really bored @ 09:40 p.m.

Saturday, November 9, 2002
( go eat a taco )Oo.
Arrr, why don't I blog more. I'm just one lazy fool. Well, here's another weekend for you.. I'm just sorta chillin' here at home, deciding whether I wanna join a couple of gals from my japanese class at karaoke tonight. Class is going pretty well.. I really don't have to put any effort into the class, I pretty much go to joke around and have a good time.

Last week I had my wisdom teeth removed. I also had cavities taken out and the chip on my front tooth fixed.. so yeah, this past week has been made a huge construction zone of my mouth, but I am very happy with my smile. Perhaps I'll smile more in pictures. Maybe I'll even take some more pictures of myself, since I know some of my fans are just dying for them. :P

That ass Chango finally bugged me enough that I acutally bought ICP's newest album, The Wraith. It really isn't that bad... I like a few songs on it. It's pretty funny, and worth the 12 bucks Best Buy has it at. Don't buy it if you don't like really fucked up offensive shit though. (But if you've heard of ICP before then you already prolly know that they're fucked up.)

More updates later.. I'm pondering doing a Harry Potter layout in celebration of the new movie.

~ yasha rubs her eyes @ 04:59 p.m.

Saturday, October 19, 2002
( Deerfield cops suuuuckass. )Oo.
Yeah, what a stupid thing to talk about, especially since you guys want to hear about my weird and unusual life, and I haven't blogged for a while, AGAIN. But I still would like to express my frustration with those stupid fuckin' cops they have in our town. Ok, I wasn't pulled over or anything like that, but just as I pull into my driveway, I notice a cop on the other street nearby. I turn off my car and whip around to look at the cop, and there he is waiting by the end of my driveway. I'm thinkin, "what the fuck, all I did was just arrive home." So I get outta my car and get my crap.. start walking towards my door and he eventually drives off. Goes to show that Deerfield cops are fucking lame as all hell, and they have nothing better to do then look for "crime" when it's really someone just arriving home late at night, or maybe if they're lucky, they can bust some teens for after curfew. WOW, so exciting. =P Wait until someone actually does commit a crime (that's over the age of 18) and the cops have a friggin heartattack from all the excitement.

Okay, think I'm done rambling about that. Luckily, I have never been pulled over by cops when I was the driver.. I'm not exactly the safest driver out there, but I know how to get by, I suppose. Plus I have the advantage that I can look innocent and cute and get off the hook easily. Makes me wonder.. do warnings go on your record? Anyone know?? Anyone?? Bueller? heh.

~ yasha doesn't wanna wake up for saturday morning class @ 02:18 a.m.

Thursday, October 10, 2002
( Life sucks... FOR ME TO POOP ON! )Oo.
So, here I am at lovely school. This brings back memories of last year, when I would come in early and blog before I went to class, since I was so bored. Well, I don't do it nearly as much because of the fact that I drive to and from school now, so usually I get here in time for the class and then leave right afterwards. Today I had evolution in the morning.. and at 12:30 I have international film. That's such a cool class. Anyways.. usually I go for lunch somewhere cool or something like that during this time, but I have very little monies. Maybe I can go to Wendy's and get somethings off the $.99 menu. Score! My mom gave me a couple of bucks because she felt bad that everyone who woke up at friggin 7 am got donuts and I didn't, cuz I was snoozing away like a dead corpse. Don't blame me! I love sleep way too much.

So are you wondering why I am so poor, or are you figuring, yeah, it's Jenny.. she's always poor. Well my car had to get fixed this weekend.. new radiator and all. That ate up my paycheck and then some. So I gots no monies for about another week.. Even then I gotta use that money to pay back my mom and pay bills. Suckola, ne. I used to be all depressed about it all and shit, but now I'm feeling better. As long as I don't starve myself, I'll be fine, d00d.

Work is its usual spendor. Wheee... how much fun is it to work at Sportmart.. not very. :P I think I wanna go with the babysitting job that my japanese teacher was setting me up with, cuz it'd pay pretty good, and it's babysitting! I mean, how hard is that? :P I need to find that phone number...

~ yasha growls at her stomach @ 11:06 a.m.


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